Help and guidance to get the most out of the Nature’s Way platform. If you have any questions, get in touch with us via our contact form.

Becoming a member

Nature’s Way is a platform for people interested in nature, community, and health, allowing them to share knowledge, connect and collaborate.

Become a member and join people across the UK interested in bringing nature, health and people together. Whether you are just getting started on a local project or a veteran seeking collaborators, our platform offers a safe space to connect to this growing community.

To get started, select Register in the top right hand corner. 

You’ll need to enter an email address and your name. You’ll also need to select a username, which is the name that will appear on your profile. If you’re setting up a profile for an organisation rather than yourself, you can use the username field to display your organisation’s name.

You can also include the organisation you work for and your job role which will help other community members connect with you.  

If you like, you can select a county, which will help you find other like-minded people in your area. 

Add a short bio to describe yourself and your project. Let us know what your areas of expertise are by selecting the relevant check boxes. This will help others find you, as well as allow you to find other people who are ready to share their knowledge. Use your bio to tell other members more about your project and what level of expertise you have so that they can connect with you and explore whether you can help each other. 

Once you are registered, you can access your profile by clicking on your name, or ‘Profile’ and edit your details. You can edit your profile details at any time. You can also add a profile and cover photo to your profile.  

Your profile will appear on the searchable Members page.


You can use your account settings to change your login information, email preferences, privacy settings (what other users can see), or delete your account.


Your timeline is like a news feed of all the recent activity from your connections and groups. 

You can access it from your profile and information appears with the most recent updates at the top. 


Connect with people across the UK interested in bringing nature, health and people together. Whether you are just getting started on a local project or a veteran seeking collaborators, our platform offers a safe space to connect to this growing community.

Once you have an account you can browse Members who are interested in similar subjects as you. Use the “I know about” filters on the right hand side of the Members page to find experts to connect with. You can also search for other people in your area.

You can send a connection request to other members, with or without an introductory message.

Invite your friends to join Nature’s Way by selecting ‘Invite friends’ from your profile page or in the drop down menu under your name.


Creating and joining groups is a great way to collaborate. 

You can search the Groups page to find other communities of people already collaborating with each other. 

Create a group for you and your colleagues, your community group, or just your area of interest. You can also create a group to manage an event or a series of events. 

Be as descriptive as you can in your group description so that others can find your group using the search function. 

Upload useful resources that others in the group can use like documents, webinars, web pages and more. If you want your group members to access resources, be sure to upload them directly to the group (rather than the Resources section of Nature’s Way). 

You can set your group as Public or Private. Anyone can join a Public group. If you want to join a Private group, you’ll first send a request to the group creator and they can grant permission. Please try to keep your groups Public where possible as this aids other community members’ learning 🙂

Why not start by joining the Nature’s Way group to connect with members of our team and access our resources.


Discover practical resources collated by our members from across the web and beyond! Every useful document posted, top notch toolkit uploaded photo shared goes into our searchable library.

You can access resources in several ways. Each group has a resources section for documents and links specific to that group. You can also upload resources directly to the Resources section, or even from your own profile. Just keep in mind that they won’t be accessible from any groups unless you upload them directly to a group.  

Be as descriptive as possible when uploading resources so that others can search and find them easily.

Importantly, you must have permission to upload any resources you add to the Nature’s Way platform. By uploading files to the platform you confirm that you hold the rights necessary to publicly display and/or privately store them, as applicable, and that doing so does not violate the rights of another person or entity.

When uploading resources you can select who you want to view them:

  • Public: means that anyone on the internet, member of Nature’s Way or not, can access and download your resource
  • All members: means that anyone registered on the platform can access and download your resource
  • My connections: means that just people you are friends with can access and download your resource
  • Only me: means private. Just you can access your resource


Do you have a burning question or want to hear the opinions of other members? Start conversations or join in with existing ones on the Nature’s Way platform. 

You can also use the Discussion feature to share a video or a web page.

Discussions are available via Groups. Click the Discussions tab to join in or start a new one. Discussions you start will appear in your connections’ Timeline.

Reporting abuse

You can report abusive content by clicking the ‘report’ button next to a reply to your own content, or a photo or document that has been added to the platform that is inappropriate. You can also report a Nature’s Way member by visiting their profile. Our moderators will review all reports of abuse and repeat offenders will be blocked from using Nature’s Way.