What is Nature’s Way about?

A community platform for those involved or interested in nature, community work, wellbeing and health. Its focus is on practical projects that promote better health and wellbeing through encouraging connection with the nature around us. 

It is a space to: 

  • Share knowledge and inspiration between people working in different fields (like conservation, community engagement, mental health, housing, social prescribing etc) and different scales (e.g. national, regional, hyperlocal).
  • Create connections and networks that could lead to real partnerships and projects. 
  • Explore and build a living library of resources and experiences. 
  • Work and organise real-time projects. 
  • Share what and who is in your local area.

What’s the need?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important it is to connect with nature for our wellbeing and health, but it also made clear that many don’t have the access to green spaces or activities to do so. Grassroots projects have a huge role in promoting this connection in a way that understands local needs. Empowering more people to set up and get involved in these can have benefits for both our and our planet’s health. 

The knowledge needed to run these kinds of projects can be a lot. It’s not just about knowing how to grow things but also includes things like writing funding applications, the legalities around land, how to manage volunteers or how to make it a safe place for people with complex needs to thrive. There’s a wealth of knowledge both online and in the experiences of people who have done it or in different sectors. But these can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look or who to ask. We know there are so many people who have the passion for this and that there’s a need for a place where they can come together.

To find out more about how to use Nature’s Way, visit our Help page. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, get in touch.